These Are Ways That You Can Work On Increasing Commercial Property Values

Commercial property values are important, especially if you you're trying to sell. Or perhaps you're getting ready to buy a commercial property. There are many sites that will help you gauge property valuation, and you can also do many things to increase the value of a property that you already own. What are some of [...]

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System Technician

Cincy Bike Share is looking for a Bike Share System Operations Manager to manage the day to day system health and reliability.  The System Operations Manager will manage the assignments of the System Technicians to ensure that the bikes and stations are maintained and that the bike are evenly distributed throughout the system to meet [...]

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Marketing and Sales Manager

Cincy Bike Share is seeking a Marketing and Sales Manager to lead the promotion of the bike share systems and the effort to sell access passes to future customers.  The Marketing and Sales Manager will coordinate all efforts to inform the public about the value of Cincy Bike Share, and with selling system access passes [...]

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Customer Service and Office Manager

Cincy Bike Share is seeking a Customer Service and Office Manager to lead the bike share system’s customer service operations and coordinate with System Operation Manager and System Technicians to address and resolve customer needs.  The position will also manage the day to day needs of the Cincy Bike Share office/shop facility.  The Customer Service [...]

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Cincinnati Job Postings

Cincy Bike Share, Inc. is looking for energetic, creative, and outgoing individuals interested in being part of launching and operating an exciting new public transportation system. Please submit resume and brief introductory e-mail to Cincy Bike Share is a non-profit organization that the City of Cincinnati has contracted to operate a bike share system [...]

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Cincy Bike Share could be up and running by this summer

Cincinnati’s first bike sharing program could be up and running by this summer, said Mayor John Cranley and the program’s executive director on Friday. Cranley had previously announced he would propose giving Cincy Bike Share $1.1 million in startup funds. Cincy Bike Share executive director Jason Barron said the city’s contribution should pave the way [...]

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