The Continued Popularity Of A Bean Bag Toss Game

Bean bag toss has been a feature of college life for generations. Amidst ever changing styles and preferences it is this game – known also as Cornhole that continues to capture the imagination of college students across the United States.

Simple Game

One of the reasons that the game is so popular is because of its inherent simplicity. Not only are the rules tremendously easy to understand, allowing play to progress quickly and smoothly, but the equipment needed is relatively simple. Bean bag toss can take place on the spur of the moment – with very little preparation.

Of course for those who want to go the extra mile both the bean bags themselves and the raised platform with the target hole at the end can feature a wide variety of brands and designs. These can range from sports team to college mascots, but the basics remain the same.

Simple Scoring System

Perhaps the game is so popular because the scoring system is so simple. A bag that lands on the platform scores a simple 1 point while one which falls through the hole after being tossed score a magnificent three. First to 21 takes the game and the honors of being crowned bean toss champion (at least for that round).

Attractive Rules

The rules also make bean bag toss attractive to college students because the simple scoring system can easily be turned into a fun drinking game where beers and forfeits take the place of points.

Off course one of the attractions is that this game can be fun for the entire family. No matter how old the youngest member or the oldest bean bag toss remains incredibly popular. It’s perfect family fun and is a fabulous way of relaxing when inviting friends around for a barbecue or a day next to the pool.

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